The Goods will be delivered to the address indicated in the Registration Form of our shop as place of your residence or the location of your company. Goods will be delivered by us using the services of a third party (courier service) or we will deliver Goods by our own means or, according to preceding agreement, Goods will be prepared in stock unless clearly arranged otherwise.

The ownership will pass to you by delivery of Goods under the condition of purchasing the full price. Until the time of the passing ownership from the Seller to the Buyer, who is in possession of the products and services, the Buyer is under all obligations of the keeper of the Goods and is obliged to safely store and mark the Goods on their own behalf in such manner, that these are identifiable as the Goods belonging to the Seller in any circumstances.

In case buyer does not pick up delivery in time, and the delivery returnes back to seller. Buyer will pay for new carrier shipping costs to his costs. In case buyer does not pick up the delivery, because he has no more interests in goods and delivery returnes back to seller, customer will get a credit note in the amount of product without shipping.

With some groups of Products (Goods over 100kg weight or large size) the delivery price can be changed due to different pricing by courier service provider, of which we will inform you by phone before the Contract is formed.