About us

The story behind the brand

The first official reference about the brand Born to Trick was on the 18th November 2013 when the facebook fan page was created. But the roots go back to 2008, when young guys decided to create a parkour and freeruning team.  Their common hobby and passion brought them to the idea to get more professional, so they started to make new things.

One of the new innovations was the production of the first team clothing. At that time the first people were asking for the clothing. So the whole team decided to offer the clothing to people by selling them. The demand was bigger and bigger. That’s why they decided to create a worldwide brand not only for parkour and freerunning, but also for other street disciplines like street workout, breakdance and other. By designing the clothing there are people involved, who are representing the discipline which the clothing is done for. The clothes are designed to be comfortable and stylish.